Sunday, May 8, 2011

The waiting game

I'm 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant...just waiting for the green light. I took off work mid-last week for some relaxation and prepping before baby comes. Lets just hope she's not overdue or there goes all my paid time off. We have decided to have a home birth which we wanted all along but insurance wasn't allowing it. We continued to be disenchanted with the midwife experience through the OB's office and just took matters into our own hands and decided to pay out of pocket. We're late in the game so the cost is quite a bit less, and we worked to get it down a little further. Gotta love that! When was the last time you bargained with a doctors office? Exactly! I love the realness involved with working with midwives, you actually have a say in your healthcare and payment rather than feeling directed and trapped by mainstream doctors/insurance. So, we've been prepping the house and tryng to keep things in order although Luna has different ideas. We know from last time you have to be prepared for anything, including driving to the hospital after pushing for over 3 hours. We're hoping things go smoother this time and we get to welcome Ruby into the world at home. Here's a most recent picture of the big buddha belly at 38 weeks.

And working in our new garden beds, hoping shoveling will bring labor early. Trying to get the gardens and starts all planted before Ruby arrives.

New additions to the family as well...2 baby chicks. A Rhode Island Red and a Gold Sex Link.

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