Monday, July 13, 2009

Snug as a bug in the sink?

Luna unfortunately has very sensitive skin which means a rashy bum. We read in the Dr. Sears baby book to soak the babes bum in warm water for 5 minutes. She enjoyed it a little more than we had planned. Next she's going to want a pedicure.

New Friends

Our friends Randy and Katherine just brought their new baby Vaughn Winthrop into the world July 6th. We visited over the weekend and the daddy's took their first "babes, boys and bjorns" walk through the woods.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nature Girl

I think I like, I LOVE this!
Thank goodness for summer! Luna loves spending time in nature. Daddy likes to teach her about the plants in the yard and has her smell all the flowers. She tries to taste most things as well, whether it's edible or not. Here are some pictures of Luna playing in the backyard.

Luna got her Sea Legs

Luna took her first ride on a Lummi Island. She slept going one way, and ate coming home. Not too exciting. We went over to the island the other afternoon and walked around the point. We found a trail that would have been ideal with Luna in the carrier, but we had the stroller which entailed lifting it over a downed tree and pushing up a steep hillside. Luna was such a trooper because she typically hates the stroller. But, she did great with a 3 hour walk around the island. Had to stop in a hay field for a feeding, I swear Luna has been fed in some interesting places!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I think I can, I think I can

Luna is getting better at sitting up. Not that she can do it, but she's getting better at it! She still tends to topple over and doesn't realize she's responsible for her balance when she's trying to reach for whatever is in sight. I jerry-rigged the bouncy chair to help her sit up without relying on the backrest, she did pretty good holding herself up with her arms until she tried reaching for the camera and then got fed up with the whole thing. I'm very much looking forward to when she can sit up, less work for mom (maybe I'm fooling myself?).
Yes, mom is holding my hand here.