Thursday, June 25, 2009


Luna amazes us everyday with how quickly she learns new things. Every week is somethig new. She's now rolling from back to front, trying to sit up, trying to stand when you hold her up, pushing up with both arms, and even putting up with tummy time for a few minutes at a time. She's trying to grab everything in sight as well (including my hair and Gig's goatee) and just beginning to laugh a bit (maybe we're just not funny enough?) Tinker is still not sure what to think of her and just runs the other direction and hides with her tail between her legs. Here's a little before and after from 1 1/2 months to 4 months.


The garden has been loving the weather...from the sun to the rain and humidity the past few days. We've harvested radishes, garlic, kale, collards, lettuce, and cabbage. Even had 3 raspberries today! We're not as avid at keeping up the garden this year as it's a bit more difficult with Luna, but she helps us water everyday (we wear her in the Bjorn, Gig likes to spray her toes with the hose). I've tried weeding with her in the Bjorn, even tried to pick strawberries at a farm the other day with her in it...notice the key word tried. She wasn't too keen on it. Typically I set her up in the bouncy chair with an umbrella to block the sun and I tell her over and over again I'm almost done (she's not believing it too much anymore). She takes after Tinker though with a love for radishes.


We had our first visit with a pediatrician. Luna was previously seeing our family doctor, but we felt we weren't getting the time and detail we wanted. There had been some concerns about her weight and at her 4 month check-up they said she had dropped from the 35th to the 5th percentile in weight. Her height/length had also dropped down on the charts dramatically as well. I take her to get weighed by a lactation consultant every week and her weights had been a bit sporadic. She only gained 1oz in 2 weeks and then surprised us with 8oz the following week. Not sure what the deal was?! So, met with the new doc and was very impressed. I wasn't worried about Luna too much because she is so happy and healthy, but I wanted someone on our side to support breastfeeding and to make sure her weight didn't drop further off the chart. Turns out our previous doctor measured her height wrong! She's currently 25 1/4", in the 75th percentile! Her weight has dropped on the charts, but she's still above the 10th percentile and she's on an upward trend, currently at 12lbs 7oz. Around 2 months she plateaued a bit and he said he would have been concerned then, but since she's gaining now we're doing well. I started taking herbs to increase my milk supply and it's almost doubled now! So we know that's not a concern any longer. The Doc said that new research shows earlier intro to foods (between 4-6 mo) actually decreases likelihood of allergies (rather than previous beliefs of the opposite), so we trialed a bit of homemade brown rice cereal. As you can see, Luna is in the 100th percentile for cuteness!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


So I thought I'd start this blog as a way to share a daily dose of Luna and our lives in general with family and friends. It's Gig's first fathers day. We made breakfast and Luna painted him a picture, it's a bit abstract. Here's a glimpse at our morning...