Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catching up on cuteness

Haven't posted many pictures of Luna lately, so I thought I'd just wallpaper you with pictures of our little bean...

An unwelcome visit from the tooth fairy

Luna had the misfortune of losing her first tooth. The worst was having to tell the dentist how it happened. See, Luna has a love of beer. She pulled a beer bottle out of the recycling and was drinking the air out of it. We, being the hip (read: irresponsible) parents we are, thought it was cute and grabbed the camera to capture the cuteness. Then, she fell. With the bottle in her mouth. Screams. Blood. Tooth (root and all) falls to the ground. Not so cute anymore. We called a pediatric dentist and they said there was nothing we could do and it won't grow back until she's 6 years old. So much for family portraits. Poor baby.

Good times gone bad...blood on shirt, 3 teeth on top.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Fences, that's what our life is about. My reason for lack of blogs are fences. First, we had to build the chickens a fence. You see, we added 6 new girls to our family back in March. Looking forward to eggs in September. We haven't named them because they all look the same except one...Whitey. He's named for the simple fact that he's whiter than the others. Whitey has always had a lot of attitude, pecking at us and being protective of the other chicks. We now believe we know why...she might be a he...a rooster...dinner.
Breast or thigh?

Home sweet chicken home.
Second, we had to fence in the backyard to keep Luna out of harms way and Tinker from attacking evil skateboarders that menace her. Tinker believes skateboarding is a crime. This fence is Gig's pride, he consulted many library books on fence building and would sit out at night enjoying a beer while admiring his work.

A man and his fence.
Third, we had to fence the garden as Luna and Tinker love to trample through it. We ripped up a good spot of land for veggie gardens. The rustic look that I was hoping for wasn't in the cards, so I went for bright instead. I think it'll look great when the veggies and nasturtiums are overflowing. Imagine a picket gate and colorful faux birdhouses on top of the posts. I also pulled up all of the roses along the front walkway and planted cucumbers and added 4 winter sqaush beds outside the fence. Still need more garden space, hoping to grow enough to harvest and store for the winter someday. We want to plant grapes and more fruit trees as well. What I love about this place is that we've put in tons of garden space and chickens and haven't even touched an ounce of our property. Love it!

Luna making sure the posthole was deep enough.
Next up for home improvement is a deck off the back of the house. One day we will rest, but until then we will keep building, digging, and growing...and have a nice rooster dinner after we're done.