Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random Acts of Cuteness

We are blessed to have such a happy baby!

Water Baby

We loved the heat wave last week! I especially loved that Luna took longer naps than usual because of the heat. Not that those have lasted now that it's cooled down. But, we did take Luna for her first swim to cool off a bit. We found a little swim hole in Whatcom Creek that was perfect for a refreshing dip.

She's a true Aquarius.

Luna's 1st Backpacking Trip

How many babies go backpacking at the ripe ol' age of 6 months? I bought this baby backpack off craigslist when I first found out I was pregnant. Talk about priorities! Backpacking with a baby is an interesting adventure. For one, the baby pack doesn't really carry very much, basically just diapers and a snuggly outfit. We bungee corded a sleeping mat and bag to the bottom of it, but otherwise, Gig had to carry EVERYTHING else. We opted to not bring the stove so that it would be a little lighter...which meant no coffee in the morning. I don't know what we were thinking?! After a 3 hr car ride to Spider Meadows trailhead near Leavenworth, Luna wasn't too excited to then be put in the backpack...I had to sing the entire 3 miles to camp.

But as you can see she cheered up by the time we reached camp. Luna slept great (well, her usual, not sure I'd classify it as great) in the sleeping bag with me as Gig, Luna, Tinker and I all crammed into our 2 man tent. The next day we hiked into the Meadows which were beautiful! We took a break near a river so Gig could take a dip and Luna could dunk her toes as usual (didn't think she was up for swimming in glacial melt just yet). Unfortunately, the biting flies where abundant and were ruining the majesty of it all...soooo, instead of staying another night, we opted to hike all the way back out 7 miles and go for beers and brats in Leavenworth...oh, and coffee.

Nature calls =)

Lunch break for Luna


We love Winthrop! Gig and I first met in Winthrop 4th of July 2001. We return every summer to enjoy the warmth, beauty and good times with friends. It was Luna's first time there...out of the womb that is. Luna loved dipping her toes in the cold Methow and sleeping in the tent for the first time.

So happy my shorts haven't fallen off!

Loving when dad plays guitar for me

Can't travel without the bouncy chairs!


Visiting with Grandma

and asleep with my snuggly baby that grandma gave me!