Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sweet Successes and Thankfulness

Ruby celebrated Christmas by sitting...unsupported...for the longest she ever has. Typically when you prop her up in sitting she immediately crashes to the side without any protective arm splaying to catch herself. Think - TIMBER! Children with Down Syndrome typically meet all of their milestones, but take a little longer to get there. It's refreshing to not have a set timeline for her and makes it all the more exciting when she does reach those milestones. I can't explain the amount of pride I have in this little girl. The amount she has been through in her short life...yet she keeps fighting, and loving, and laughing and succeeding in so many ways. This Christmas I am especially thankful for this little one. Her spirit shines bright and warms my heart daily. I hope this next year brings her less fights to face.

My dear Luna...It's been a tough year for her. She's at that age where you're in awe of her cuteness, yet you want to kill her at the same time. I know I will value her traits of fiestiness and independence someday as they will see her through hard times as a woman in this world. But at the age of 2, I could do without them! But I also know she gets them from me. Ah, Gig has his hands full with this crew of women! Lately I've been sad about her growing older. I want her to stay this dear age, yet grow out of the behavior. Can she be 8 in a 2 year old body? It's amazing how you can love someone so fiercly yet need a break from them so often. Maybe that's just it, I love her so dearly that it hurts when she acts her age. Kicking, screaming, and biting...when we were kissing, hugging and laughing two seconds ago? It's gotta be tough being 2. More mood swings than a teenager on her period! This girl is full of energy and wonder though, she continually keeps us laughing (when we're not wanting to kill her). I hope this new year brings calmness to her soul.

 partner on this rollercoaster ride. We've had so many challenges and stresses this year and I admit we haven't always sailed through them smoothly. Whether this ship is sailing or sinking though, there is no one else I would rather be on it with. What doesn't break us can only make us stronger (as well as crazier, occasionally depressed and drunker...but strong!). Thank you for raising my beautiful babies, for being my rock, for sharing another year of life with me. May you realize your worth in this world, in our lives, and in our hearts this year. You're wise and talented...know this and believe it!

Our friends and's been a year of so many new adventures for us. Thank you for supporting us through it all. Gig and I have never surrounded ourselves with many friends. We prefer to keep a handful of quality ones over masses of mediocre. If you're reading this blog, consider yourself someone we are blessed to have in our lives. I wish you peace and health.

We look forward to many more years with all of you. Thank you for being in our lives.

Happy new year!