Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Range

We've been letting the chickens free range it in the backyard. Surprisingly, Tinker hasn't ate a single one! Luna seems to be more of the danger to them. Or me, if they don't keep out of my tomato plants. It's relaxing to sit back and watch the chicks roam. A neighborhood kid brings friends over daily to watch, and occasionally chase them. Make note: if you come to visit, you will leave with chicken poop on your shoes. We are getting 4 eggs a day now. I've been trading veggies for 18 eggs a week from some folks from craigslist, but now with our chicks laying as well, we are over run with eggs. We've been eating combinations of eggs and zucchini for most meals and dessert.

Whitey is still alive...and crowing. I always thought roosters only crowed in the morning, but whitey seems to do it throughout the day. I was awoken at 5:15 this morning by his crow, which I love, but not sure if the neighbors do? He's turning into quite a beautiful bird, we hate to see him go, but we must keep peace with the neighbors...and the law.

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